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Re: Sunday or Sat?

Posted by Sam Ajemian on January 11, 2003 at 10:49:28

In Reply to: Sunday or Sat? posted by Acheick on January 11, 2003 at 09:15:40:

It's on Saturday. Did I say Sunday? Sorry if I did. I just watched it. It was nicely done. The title of this one is "Shine your light". In the begining it reminded me a little of "Diamonds of dust" and "Be so Happy" and the large posters the Family was selling.They show lots and lots of pictures of real faces that form a heart. One of the pictures is Solomon. The protagonist is Sparky, a little angel. It is made of a lot of little episodes that flow one into the other, one of which is Jesus and the Samaritan woman. One of the episodes is a story from the Mo letters of the shephard that was planting seeds in southern France and the hiker who visited many years later and there was a whole forest. Some older people are shown (about 20-25 or more). If they are Family people, which they most probably are, that brings us back to the early eighties and the sexual abuses of that time. The show is sponsored by TBN. Jayne of Paul and Jane Crouch is a good person to get in touch with concerning Cherub Wings. I think she is involved with shows for children in general on TBN and is the voice of at least one of the caracters. (not on cherub wings). There is a Children's Liaison department that deals with issues relating to children's videos on TBN. If you e-mail TBN you will get a form answer back, but the do forward your message. If you want to call them the phone number is (714)832-2950
Sam Ajemian