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Re: Hej Kompis! :)

Posted by goth88 on January 11, 2003 at 21:50:52

In Reply to: Hej Kompis! :) posted by Swede on January 10, 2003 at 22:33:35:

Okay, I am getting most of what you say, but missing pieces. What does "paret" mean?
Sounds like you had some hard times in Asia. When I landed in Singapore (with Gabe and kids), as I said, we were not allowed to go to the home, not in Indonesia either, because when we left West Germany, the Asian leadership said we did not have clearance. So we were on our own there, with singing. It was quite a time! Sorry about (if I understand u right)your experiences. And understand that u do not talk about that now. It is sad the way leadership broke people up or put them together with others because so many people had that happen. I was in Berlin when the letter about Nationals came out and people were encouraged to get together with nationals instead of the spouses they had so they could be leaders still! Remember that one? Controlling every facet of life. I am glad you got out.
The leaders in Switzerland...Well I don't remember who were leaders because there was so little contact other than sending in reports and occasional get togethers. And then lots of people were there. I travelled with Phillip and Mara for a brief time, People that I remember that were there were: Ethan and Kezia(American), Dave W., a Scottish Lisa,(who was for a while with a French guy, Josue) whoa! much of that time must have been a big ole black out! Reuben and Rainbow, Petrus and Lilo, I can't remember more right now. I have no idea if they are still in or out or what. Yes, leadership, not just in Sweden tended towards the megalomaniacal...Lots of royalty there (heh-heh).
The people I remember in Sweden are: Nahum and Joan, (nice folks), some very hard leadership: They were american and I cant remember their names either...but they came to depose leadership after Jethro was there. Esther and Valiant were pretty out there.., Some people I remember: Liv,Mara, Hokan, Hannah, Golden, Jerusha, Crystal the Markoff brothers, Dinah and her brother, Peace and Nathaniel...these are just names off the top of my head..
I loved the country, Sweden, but not many of the memories there, except for the beauty of the place in Skillingsfors...and the country in general. And I understand that u met Pearl and Jabez(?) Yes, he had a real attitude, very hard line. She was too. Boy, Goteborg was hell in many ways in the fam, but I loved the city. For awhile i was with a translating team there. For Polish, Swedish and Russian. I did not translate-haha! But there was this place that was dorm style housing with a tiny kitchenette at the end of the hall. But before that it was Jabez and Pearl there. OH and a guy that cracked up and left from there and then joined the Salvation Army..Benjamin? So you are NOT the tall blonde Jonas. I didn't think so. The one I litnessed with alot in Goteborg was light brown haired, tall, curly but not thick hair. Kind of spacy. A "shiner" at litnessing. So, sorry to bring you back to that place trying to figure out if our paths crossed or not, looks like not. Do you live in Sweden now? Which part? And have you been up to since getting out? If you want to continue to write in swedish it is good for me!! I love language and I can ask about things I am not sure of. But I am sure you know far more English than I do swedish, so if it is easier for you swedish is fine. Do you want to e-mail?