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Re: Some options Point to note

Posted by Rocky on January 12, 2003 at 12:35:16

In Reply to: Re: Some options Point to note posted by Indian Joe on January 12, 2003 at 07:53:19:

If a particular organization, school board or country decided to bann hitler's book it would not bother me. Neo Nazi's not only use MK for "inspiration" but a whole system of writings. My interest in even having a book like MK around is to keep it as a matter of historical record for research and study. Kinsella's book, "Web of Hate" really illustrates white supremacy's methods and values in this regard.

It really doesn't matter who profits in this regard as there are scads of publishers making money over controversial historical writings. It is not a conspiracy led by much more than profit.

The real dangerous elements in the Aryan nations community usually distribute writings primarily among themselves and to those they would like to share their values with with an eye to gaining support or recruits. They do not want to go to jail or draw attention to themselves unless it is for a specific purpose. In this regard they are very much like a cult.

Although I could think of some nasty things for them the reality is that in an open a democratic society we are required to give each individual a voice no matter how offensive it happens to be as long as the means and intentions of expression are not criminal in nature. I still despise the swastika and always will. The best film shot of the war was when the Russian army engineers blew the symbol off the top of the Nazi headquarters building in Berlin at the end of the war in Europe.