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Door #3

Posted by posted by Donny on January 11, 2003 at 16:22:39:


I have some objections to your third suggestion: “Have some SGAs get on a nationwide talk show…”. You may have noticed that youth raised in the Family in general have taken steps to distance themselves from the FG former members. While I have been accused of initiating this myself, I can assure you that the opinions I share are quite widespread among the SGs and have been for some time.

I myself did an interview on a national talk show with Sam Ajemenian and another FG former member. It was after this interview that I decided to not participate in any media activities that did not focus specifically on the issues of the second generation. The other FG former member is extremely intelligent, well educated and articulate, and while I wish them well, it was very clear to me that our goals and objectives were very different, and to be classified with former member FGs did me or the issues I wish to raise awareness in no good whatsoever.

While this may not be your intent, the suggestion to “have SGs get on a talk show” sounds exploitative. To discuss such personal issues as childhood abuse in a public and sensationalized forum is not one I would recommend to anyone. I object quite strongly to anyone exploiting our stories or accounts any further, whether the Family or outspoken former members. We need to own our own issues ourselves, and to encourage anyone to put themselves at risk for a “cause” smacks of the manipulation and fanaticism that did so much damage to start with.