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Honesty among FG

Posted by Miguel on January 14, 2003 at 09:55:37

In Reply to: Re: Can you write more about it? posted by Jules on January 14, 2003 at 07:27:12:

I always wondered about the sense SGs had about their membership in the cult. Thank you for clarifying that and I totally agree with you. you did not choose membership and when you could make your own decisions you walked out on them. I also respect you for that. Many people had to be kicked out

It also opens up the issue of honesty among those of us who did choose to join the Family as to our own position in regards to our past. Human being are notorious for forgiving their own mistakes while at the same time being willing to be harsh in judging others even as they behave in similar manner.

I think there are some questions FG people nned to ask themselves, I know I have. Are we in a campaign to bring down the family? What are our goals in that regard? Do we want to get the Family to dismantle? Do we want to get the family to expose themselves so we can sue them? Do we want the family to be our friends or enemies? Do we care of what they do? Do we want to actively pursue them or just be a support group for people? Where do we fit, as a group, in this universe of ex members of the cult? Do we even want to fit anywhere?

I think the key to answer these and other questions, is in the power we can find in getting empowered. you have hit the nail right on the head.