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Re: double standards?

Posted by marina on January 15, 2003 at 09:35:03

In Reply to: Re: Can you write more about it? posted by Jules on January 14, 2003 at 07:27:12:


thanks for explaining all these things. I am very well aware of much of what you say. I have a question for you.
Ed Priebe and James Penn are names that these individuals do not use anymore.
Rick Dupuy is a legal name, instead. He has children who are I guess you would call them SG's and out there. Is it fair to them to write his legal name, involving an incident for which you provide NO CONTEXT whatsoever? I know you don't believe context means much, but in this case it means a lot, and this has been talked about before in some forums.
Since he is the ONLY person who talked about this issue, in court and on national TV on top of it, I think context would be important to mention if you are going to use his legal name. Perhaps context is not important for you as you see it as a black and white issue, but since you were not in the Dominican Republic when this happened, and this episode is also recorded in court records, maybe you should ask yourself how come you are ok with giving his legal name and and only a one-liner for the issue, when you are usually very concerned about the rights and protection of individuals.
His children and family are people, too. Is it because he is dead and cannot post here anymore? Or because the episode in your opinion lumps that person with any other creep out there who deserves to be exposed?
He is, I repeat, the ONLY person/man/adult who has come forth in public about something of the sort, very well aware of the cost this may have, (and it had indeed) because he knew this may open the way for truth since other people were lying about it. It carried an unbearable cost.
I hope you will be gracious in your reply.