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Jules, what did you mean by this?

Posted by Curious on January 15, 2003 at 17:37:29

Your most recent post below about FGA/SGA issues made a lot of sense but in the end you made a statment that didnt seem tied in to the rest of what you'd said & I'm not sure what you meant by saying it. Here it is

""If the effort is truly to better the lives of those children and young people still in the group, then their own opinions must be taken into consideration, not discounted as “brainwashed cultists”. I am in touch with a number of SG current members, and I think what they have to say on these issues is important.

IMO this is what has been wrong with action taken so far. It has been obsessive, intrusive and crusadic and with a high personal cost. Although maturing and healing is an ongoing process, if we are not okay ourselves, how can we hope to reach out to others?""

Are you talking about not actively combatting the Family because we must bear the feelings of those still in the Family into consideration & there are better ways to go about it? Sounds valid to me but I just want a clarification.