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health--dry skin

Posted by porceleindoll on January 16, 2003 at 15:41:55

For any of you who suffer from dry skin, you may find this list of ideas helpful (I didn't come up with this, I just came across it)

Some solutions for dry skin:

Avoid smokers
Drink tons of water
exercise regularly
work on your circulation
get massages
Eat raw almonds and raw cashews and macademia nuts
Eat fresh fruit/raw fruit and vegetables
Use flax seed oil, and lots of virgin olive oil
Eat flax seeds in everything
Eat raw juices
Eat foods high in omegas
Eat AVACADOS- lot's of em (my favorite beauty secret- not so secret)
Don't eat processed foods
Don't use any petroleum products on your skin.
Use a dry skin brush 2x daily
take vitamin E
eat salmon, and sardines
use a good scrub to remove old dead cells and nourish the body
use a gentle facial scrub
Avacado oil is a good base for a massage oil for very dry skin
Calendula infused in an oil is very good for dry skin
Rose Hip Seed Oil is good for fas carrier oil for ace
use a good facial mist (lavaderm or a hydrosol like Rose or Lavender)
eliminate coffee and sugary foods or drinks
use the body or facial oils after misting or bathing to "lock in"
Don't use soap
Use moisturizing baths
Peppermint is drying
Some EOs for dry skin are:
Carrot Seed
Clary Sage

Eating Raw is awesome for great skin