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Re: double standards?

Posted by goth88 on January 16, 2003 at 22:03:22

In Reply to: Re: double standards? posted by Jules on January 16, 2003 at 19:13:28:

Actually, no. I haven't expressed my opinion on this particular issue until just now. I think that for a board to be "free" even if it seems to you to be an expression said "many, many times" by me, I am fairly certain that you have expressed yours at least as many, if not more.
I don't see anything repetitive or inappropriate about what I posted in light of the subject. I am afterall, not masochistic by nature and feel that exers that are "FGAs" deserve every bit as much respect for coming out of the family and taking care of themselves and making their own individually called for amends. It takes time and a safe place to talk to get to that point. That is why I will repeat here, that I am for resources and help for all who leave the family and want help to get on their feet regardless of age. I think there is alot we can learn from each other as exers and that much healing on both sides could come from that, but people have to be in the right place in their lives to allow for that. I think the "Family" already did enough damage in breaking up families and pitting people against each other.