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Monkeys don't read the Bible

Posted by Jesse (rockon) on January 17, 2003 at 08:03:01

Spirituality is something the animals donít have.
The animal kingdom is brutal. If a male monkey doesnít join a gang he is eventually killed. One of every three male monkeys is murdered by a gang of monkeys. Monkeys donít read the Bible. They donít have the guidance of the example of Christ of sacrificing their own wants for the needs of others. Thatís what the gospels are all about. That's love. Giving up our own wants for the needs of others. To continually be seeking ways to fulfill our lusts is not following the example of Christ. Itís following the monkey way of life. Do you want to be a monkey or would you llike to rise to a higher level ? Perverting the gospel is taking away from itís magnificence. To sacrifice for others we have to rise above our basic animal instincts. Thatís the beauty of Christ. He set an example of how to do that. Thatís the beauty of the Bible. Sadly, David Berg acted like a monkey with no spirituality seeking to fulfill his lusts constantly. Little or no self sacrfice. Thatís not Christ like. He stooped to the level of the animals and stayed there. Groveling at the lowest level of life grabbing what he could for himself. A mere monkey. Sad. And sadly he cloned himself and we have lotís of mere monkeys running around perverting the magnificence of the Bible to the level of a monkey.