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Re: Love the family!

Posted by posted by Klaus on January 18, 2003 at 16:01:04:

Klaus, that was very short and sweet and to the point. I love the family members, too! They are some of the sweetest, honest, humble, hard working people in the world. The only reason I am not in the family right now is because my conscience won't allow me to follow the doctrines that are so misguided, and so far off the track. The LJR, rampant child abuse, and many other things that happened as a result of Berg's teachings are enough for me to make that difficult decision of leaving my friends and starting on a new life. I pray for you, and those who are sincerely seeking to find answers to their many questions inside the group. I know there are many. I would love to talk more with you and share some of my own personal experiences, and listen to yours. I know that many people in the family have not been exposed to cruelty, abuse, hardship and lack of respect or love, but many have, and the truth is evident in the Bible, not so much in the Letters that constantly contradict themselves, and give very false prophecies on a regular basis. That should be enough to make one think. My daughter is still in the family, and I love her very much. I have two grandchildren, and would love to be near them, but she is adamant about staying and thinks I over reacted when I left because of the LJR. However, it all became much clearer after being out for a few years, and taking back my God given ability to make decisions for myself and submitting myself to God's will instead of Berg's or whatever figure happened to be the leader at the time. Make sense?