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Re: Hiroshima

Posted by goth88 on January 21, 2003 at 21:40:33

In Reply to: Hiroshima posted by Thinker on January 21, 2003 at 20:49:17:

If your family was living in Nagasaki, would the answer differ? I guess I am just thinking about the whole enchilada.....(guess they don't have those in Japan much unless they have an authentic Tex-Mex restaurant.)
People who survived the holocaust could not afford to feel for others after a certain point. So most survivors went against their gut instincts. In this case, they realized what their gut instincts were. And what their morals were. So when they did not live up to them, it was a double whammy on their degradation.
So who were the most likely survivors? People who were CAPOS or prostitutes, or snitches, or people who were altruistic? Altruism loses its place when basic survival kicks in.
All were victims of a holocaust.
In a cult, young adults did not join a sex-pervert cult unless they were a sex pervert to begin with. And in the early days, this would have been dealt with. (Except of course for the -unknown-at-that-time-by-most-members, exceptional behaviours of Berg the mega-perpetrator.)As members we were systematically taught to disregard our gut feelings and sense of morality with a rebuking of the devil. Why is this so hard to communicate? I can't understand it. It seems like a person, to be accepted here has to, if they were an adult or joined the group, admit to a list of atrocities that they supposedly willingly committed by rote of being in the family. Also, they should not tell their own stories without plenty of self-flagellation. That is pretty damn crazy in my opinion. I haven't been on these boards for support or to offer support as long as many SGAs have been. I happen to think adult exers deserve it too. Just as much. I do not seek it here, because since I have spoken how I honestly feel I seem to have crossed this demarcation line into enemy territory or something. Even though I totally believe their stories and on the basis of support, have tried to be supportive in what way I can which is seeking out resources and info which may or may not be helpful to any and all age exer. And when I post the "same ole stuff" it is thrown in my face or responded to sarcastically. I guess this is supposed to be cute. I have done that many times myself (used sarcasm) to respond to others, but hell, it didn't take me forever to realize this was immature and hurtful. We have all already suffered enough. Do most adults here (FGAs specifically) really believe they are guilty of the same as Berg or an active pedophile because they joined or paid tithes to the group ? This is not healing. So, clap, clap, clap now, I am not a glutton for punishment. I don't need more abuse. Yes, I said abuse. I think it is abusive to self-flagellate. I just want to heal and help healing. BTW, Thinker, this message is not specifically to you. It is a general message to this site and it's readers.