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Re: Which was worse?

Posted by Rocky on January 22, 2003 at 02:45:58

In Reply to: Which was worse? posted by goth88 on January 21, 2003 at 17:34:08:

Firebombing of Dresden in Germany by over 1000 Allied bombers killed more people. Estimates over 100,000 deaths in one night. The city was virtually consumed in a firestorm.

Estimates of american casualties to take Japan out of the war by invasion = 1,000,000

General population of Japan was prepared to commit suicide in homage to their ancestors and the emperor if Japan was invaded and was about to lose war. Casualties would have been in the tens of millions. Historians speculate the possibility of this occuring was very real.

Total casualties, civilian and military, in world war two just prior to dropping of A bombs = 50 million + deaths. 100's of millions wounded or displaced, Russia alone had 20 million dead.

Ask yourself "What would you have done if you were Harry S Truman?" These things really happened. Consider the weight of responsibility these individuals carried in trying to end the reign of death and destruction.

My dad and uncles fought in WWII. They all said Germany could have won it at one point. Very dark times. The Japenese military killed millions of people in the countries they overtook.

Many feel Nagasaki was not necessary and therefore a greater error. Others felt the stubborness and will of the Japanese war cabinet justified the second bomb.