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Feel like I just landed.....

Posted by on January 24, 2003 at 07:36:18

Hi, everyone, I wish you all a great new year! I know it's a few days late....Did anyone else feel like you just landed - though it's been five years of your life after you left and after having struggled like crazy to survive and make a new start with a bunch of kids ( whittled down the crowd from six to two kids- maybe that's why I feel I am finally breathing, ha!- mind you, I love them all madly-)? Did it take you all so long? I joined with 17, left at 40 and am turning 45 this year-or am I just so slooooow? My head finally seemed to stop spinning so much. And thanks for this site- it has helped me tons!!!! Answers appreciated- but take your time. Chances are that I'll only get back "on" tomorrow.