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Some women did

Posted by Acheick on January 24, 2003 at 07:53:11

In Reply to: Re: Never could get... posted by goth88 on January 23, 2003 at 17:58:37:

I knew a few of them. They relished in it, it tickled their fancy, so to speak. They left their husbands and the homes to look after their kids while they enjoyed going out night after night being wined and dined. I remember one in particular, Priscilla who later died of cervical cancer (gee, I wonder why), had gone so overboard with FFing and the kids were basically raised by their dad, that many of the women in the region complained to top leadership about it, worrying about the kids. It just didn't seem right. Keda (before she was emotionally mutilated by Berg himself) personally went to her home to talk to her and caution her about just what should be most important to her. It did no good, she just couldn't stop. I think it was some sort of sexual addiction, plus I think it really lifted up her ego since she was normally kind of homely. Anyway, it was because of her antics that the police in one country finally busted them and deported everyone. Oh, I guess we should call that persecution? (speaking sarcastically, of course) I was visiting once and I watched her prim and soak in the bathtub nearly the whole day and then at night, voila, all the curlers came out and she turned into what looked like a bar girl and off she went. Strange. I guess Lydia really enjoyed it also. She was quite the FFer and enjoyed it. I met her once way in the beginning. Everyone talked about this tall beauty that all the guys liked. I never understood, it was beyond me.