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Not quite what I meant

Posted by Donny on January 24, 2003 at 11:59:15

In Reply to: Re: very good questions posted by Acheick on January 24, 2003 at 11:04:57:

When you write a post in one take and press the 'send' button just before running out the door to do something, like I did this morning, some details can get muddled.

Yes, I stand corrected that you stayed in longer specifically to make SURE you got all your kids out and didn't lose them. But my main point about you, if you will re-read my post, was that your only guilt to be had was in regards to your own kids. You have often talked about feeling that way and beating yourself up over that very issue. so my point to you was that you seem to have worked through that and been abundantly forgiven by your kids. That was your issue and you dealt with it.

If, however, you had worked in WS or abused kids or been a big leader implementing policies, then you would still not be done working through your issues. You'd still have to deal with the larger responsibility. But thankfully in your case you had one big issue to deal with and you dealt with it.

But yes, I definitely do think some are more responsible than others. Definitely. Both James Penn and Ed Priebe, for example, have made a public record of being responsible for helping promote Bergism. Yes, both of these guys have also done a lot to expose the group and try to make things right and that's commendable, but neither of them so far as I know, try to shrug off their responsibility. Right? I think that's the right thing for them to do.

We are all on the road to healing, but for some, the issues of guilt and responsibility are more easily dealt with. Others will have to spend years at it.

Another thing, just because someone acknowledges guilt and responsibility and expresses remorse over what they helped promote, doesn't mean they live their lives flagellating themselves every waking moment. Some people accept their culpability yet still manage to live balanced lives as best they can. Peace comes in acceptance.