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This is P.D.'s post about our *Evil Leader*

Posted by reposter on January 25, 2003 at 16:26:33

In Reply to: The leader posted by Sam S. to PD on January 25, 2003 at 15:39:30:

According to Zerby and Jesus, some demented evil puppet of a man is the leader of the exmember community. Any speculations?

(PS, I borrowed this from the Movingon site).

the grapevine
(Issue 147; January 15, 2003.)

Insight from the Lord about our enemies
By Mama

Dear Family,
I want to share with you a message we recently received from the Lord, which outlines a specific prayer request concerning the workings of those who are fighting against the Family. The Lord highlights one man in particular, within the anti-cult community, who has been fighting the Family for many years. The Lord explains that he is playing an integral role in our detractors and apostates' current threats and attacks on the Family.
Please add this to your daily prayer list. Call on the power of the keys for the Lord to bring this man's plans to naught, and to break the hold that the Enemy has on him. The keys can work miracles, so let's claim them!

(Jesus speaking:) Have no fear, My loves, for these rumblings from the camp of your enemies. I am faithful to reveal to My servants what is needed to prepare them for what is to come.
I seek to highlight one who opposes you and is marshalling his forces. There is one who seeks your demise, who is given over to the Devil and yields to his influence. This one has fought you from the very beginning when he rejected the truth of My Word. He seeks those who have left you. He does not seek truth, he seeks sensationalism, the "tabloid" effect. He knows this tactic appeals to the masses who are ignorant and are easily swayed by the media. He seeks recognition.
Your enemies are actively moving, pursuing, and continuing on in their campaign to sow division, bring about doubt, cause disunity, and gather more into their fold. The Enemy wants to divide and conquer. Division, through any means it can be brought about, is what your adversary and his cohorts attempt to bring about. The advantage you have is to pray against any unity amongst your enemies. Their own division can be their dismantling. (End of message from Jesus.)

In another message, the Lord also said:

(Jesus speaking:) You must pour forth your prayers in the power of the keys turned to swords to overcome those who are leading and orchestrating this attack. While [a number of ex-Family young people] are key players, it is [this man] who is the power behind them because of the way the Enemy can work through him. He is prodding them on, and the spirits of Pan, Oplexicon, and the Vandari are affecting and infecting others through him, for he serves as a channel, a carrier for these evil spirits. These powerful demons have an open channel in this one. Therefore, due to [this man's] willful yielding to the Enemy and allowing himself to be the Devil's puppet, you must aim your prayers with accuracy and power to bind the Enemy's actions through this man. (End of message from Jesus.)

Here are some specific prayer requests to be added to your daily prayer vigil times:

* Against the Vandari and their evil working through anyone who would try to hurt us.
* Against the Enemy's attacks through our enemies, specifically against this individual.
* Against the efforts of those ex-members who want to fight the Family, especially against their concerted attacks to pull others out of the Family.
* For the Family's obedience to "Pray, Obey, and Prepare" so that the persecution can be minimal or fizzle out altogether.
* Against requests for law enforcement investigations or legal action, use of media, books, documentaries, etc., against the Family.