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Re: NDN posts.

Posted by Joseph on January 27, 2003 at 05:25:49

In Reply to: Re: NDN posts. posted by Exer on January 26, 2003 at 21:04:37:

It was brought up here, people asked over there. I certainly didn't bring it up. I've been out of town until yesterday. There was the idea brought up over there that Sam was banned for fighting against The Family. That wasn't the case. Sam explained it here, without detail, but what he said was accurate. Anyone who was here at the time saw what went down.

As far as the matter of Sam being banned, I never asked anyone to ban him. I can't say that I protested in his behalf when they did ban him. But, I did make it clear yesterday that it was okay with me if they restored his access at NDN. I don't even know if Sam wants to post over there. But, if he does, I don't think they should prevent it on my account.

I don't think Sam mentioned it here to make it an issue. He could have done that all along, and the fact that it never came to the surface until now pretty much shows that nobody was trying to start anything over it. But, Sam is something of a public figure in the ex-member community (being the leader now and all). I suppose the public has a right to know what went into the decision to ban him from one of the major ex-member boards. If people asked those questions, and we just ignored them, that would be another reason to be critical.