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it's all about the money

Posted by porceleindoll on January 27, 2003 at 16:34:40

That's what that whole GV prophecy and warning to pray was about really. If through Sam's exposure of SSU and CWings the Family loses a source of revenue as well as credibility amongst the Christian circles then they have something to cry about. Sam is also working to expose FCF's connection to the Family, and if that connection is made public then the Family will have another source of good revenue stopped up.

At this moment I could care less really. My husband has twice been fired from good paying jobs for his past involvement as a media spokesperson for the Family. The irony is that though he explained that he is no longer part of the group and has nothing to do with them and sees it for what it is, he still has lost his job. but Family people are still working at the same type of work, hiding who they really are, and profiting from it.

2-1/2 years ago when we first left the group the local tabloids decided to make a story out of the fact that Family members were doing this type of work, and because my husband was the media face back in the early 90's, they landed on our doorstep (where they got our address I have no idea, I only hope it wasn't some stupid Family member who gave it out). We didn't even try to hide the fact at my husband's work that he had been involved in this group, but told them he had left, still got fired. When I talked to some local Family members, at that point they were bent on hiding and denying who they were in order to keep the job (of course, when it comes to money it is quite normal to hang on to it however you can), but I got really mad and told them off, 'You can't do that, you are who you are and you can't deny it, that's hypocrisy!'

Well, they ended up telling the truth, they all lost their jobs, but since many have found a way back in undercover, and a few months ago, when the second wave of 'exposure' came around, my husband is the only one who suffered.

So, lying, covering-up, hypocritical Family members who are not forthcoming about their beliefs and who they are really piss me off. And kudos to Sam for exposure, they need to stand up and take the heat for their choice of belief systems. I'm tired of suffering for something I'm not longer part of and think it's fair that others bear that suffering.