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Re: Did I read right?

Posted by posted by Joseph on January 28, 2003 at 05:52:11:

Joseph, would you please spell out to me what exactly you are upset about. Get down to the specifics and spell it out so that a ten year old can understand it. I think I understand already but I want to make sure I understand you completely and fully. If you show me where my mistake was, why posting that information was wrong then we can go to the next step of resolving this. We can do it by e-mail if it is breaking the rules here, or we can do it on NDN or by e-mail. If we do it by e-mail, my policy stands which is that I may publish the content of these e-mails. Or as I offered in an earlier e-mail we can meet in person, which I think is the best way. You already said that my explanation to Lydia as to what happened was accurate. So, lets go to page two. Sam Ajemian
ps. My explanation to all this is very simple, it would take just a few lines to explain myself. But I would prefer you spell out the issues for me first. My purpose is to resolve things quickly not start World War III.