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Re: need information on Sister

Posted by Met them on January 31, 2003 at 14:43:47

In Reply to: need information on Sister posted by Donna on January 31, 2003 at 11:55:59:

Of course they need money. All Family members outright ask for or strongly hint for money when they visit family and relatives. They see themselves as God's *special* children who are above working in the *system* and believe that people like you who slave away working for unrighteous mammon, the least you can do to make your life count at all, is to give them money. It's like you owe them a living. I'm not saying their bad people but they can't help it, they've had this drummed into them for 30 years. They are special, they are serving God, and people like you & me who are not *serving God* should at least give them money.

Sorry to put it so bluntly but that really sums it up. You can give them money if you wish & can afford to. If you ask them about this they will deny it of course. Just consider them like well-heeled white gypsies, freeloaders who just happen to think they are serving God.

I haven't heard a lot of horror stories about them personally & they never hurt me, so even tho their leaders they may not have run a victor camp or abused kids. They may be half-decent folks. I know Silas is a practical businessman & probably doesn't pretend he's a woman having sex wth Jesus but he probably believes almost everything else the group teaches.