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Disclosure post

Posted by Rocky on February 02, 2003 at 22:46:27

I just want to note that I did not post the info on disclosure issues to cause others to castigate Sam or Joseph. Out of respect for the board and our community in general I did not want it to go there. Above all I have to believe that both Sam and Joseph were trying somehow through their actions to help a victim of abuse. It also is worth noting that hindsight gives the extra eye that being overtaken by crisis does not.

Why can't we as a group debrief in a mutally supportive way that allows for growth in how we work through the problems specific to surviving the family? If we could find a way to do that I for one would feel alot safer and have greater confidence that we as a community could help our fellow members to a place of peace and recovery.

We are in a very unique situation regarding the legacy of the family and I think as a community we have to start teaching ourselves how to deal with these issues in a more appropriate, safe and caring way. The problems with abuse issues are not going to go away anytime soon, of that I am sure. The abuse that occured was very widespread, sytemic in nature and allowed in the family for many years. The reality of this abuse and its impact on so many is just starting to make itself known.

My purpose was to open up a dialogue on one of the critical issues regarding child abuse. Any of us could easily face a similar situation should any of our friends, family, loved ones or others seek to disclose an abuse incident to any of us. I did not invent the procedures for dealing with abuse issues, I learned them through education and practice. I really do not want to boss anyone around but to share what I know and have learned as I hope that others will do for me in areas they have skills in and I do not.