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Re: Conversations with my son.

Posted by MG on February 05, 2003 at 01:09:51

In Reply to: Conversations with my son. posted by Mark on February 03, 2003 at 05:03:33:

I recently heard about an SGA couple who just had their 10th child. So there are few who don't use contraception, as in "Going for the Gold", that's the '90s GN on how God blesses those who don't use it. But now that this SGA family has young teens soon to grow up into older teens, realistically, how many of their children will want to stay in TF? Most of them won't. And when these children decide to leave, will they have a place to go? Will they be equipped to live in the real world?

Their grandparents, will be ex or current F members. Will the grandparents, if they're ex members, be able to take in and help these teens. Some of us exers still have a struggle helping our children who did not stay in TF.

I was still in TF when my oldest son left. His grand mother invited him to live with her. She had no one there, a house already paid for, and stable situation to offer him. How many of us exers could provide the same for our grand children leaving TF. (My mom's older now and not able to be of much help to our youngest, but now that we're out of TF we do all we can to help the younger one, but that's not so easy sometimes...we have so much to do to help ourselves.)

(By the way, about my oldest son when he went to live with his grand mother. He needed to finish high school, but he also worked at a Randall's, bought his own car, and has been working his way through university. Even when my mom wanted to help him pay for tuition or even just the books, he's declined her help. Not to say that she hasn't been a huge help, he's lived in her house, she guaranteed his first loan when he needed a car, etc.)

The point is: What about our own situations as grand parents? What about those grand parents who are sitll in TF? Soon some of their grand chldren will be teens, many who will not want to stay in TF, ....where will these children go? The Family's record and eternal legacy of how to neglect the needs of many of their own children grows steadily worse.