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Re: A lesson for all.

Posted by Joseph on February 05, 2003 at 08:55:22

In Reply to: Re: A lesson for all. posted by Acheick on February 05, 2003 at 07:10:40:

I can't answer some of those questions without getting more specific than we have agreed to get on this.

Something I am concerned about, and why I've continued to reply to some messages is that I clealy did not understand Sam's policy. I think others may also be confused and make the same mistake I made.

The very clear message Sam has sent me is that he acted within his policy, and his policy has not changed.

I'm not trashing Sam, I'm just restating what he has told me (in public messages).

If Sam has changed his policy, I think he should clarify it. Obviously, I think it's one way and you think it is another way, so there is confusion.

Without going into detail I do think it should be understood that all of my communication on the matter, as it was unfolding, was in the context of trying to keep it private. There was a threat that it was going to be exposed on the public boards, and my efforts were to prevent that while the investigation was taking place.

I didn't contact Sam to gossip. I contacted Sam because he was already actively publishing on behalf of a person who the allegations were against. If you recall he did this in the face of an IP block on that person that was intended to prevent him from publishing at

It might have been helpful to all of us if Sam had asked any of the Ex-Member boards why this person was banned from every board in the first place, rather than helping him defeat the IP blocks that we all had in place at that time.