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Discussing principles, not personalities

Posted by Donny on February 05, 2003 at 11:21:31

In Reply to: Re: A lesson for all. posted by Sa,m Ajemian on February 05, 2003 at 10:04:38:

I believe you made that post with the purest of motives, MG, and I think the reason this issue won't go away is because it's one that truly does need to be discussed.

However, both Joseph and Sam have pointed out that it's not fair to either of them to have to follow guidelines and restraint in this matter, while others keep bringing up the issue in a specific way, saying either Sam or Joseph are to blame. It looks to me like that part of this whole issue has been hashed over and should be dropped at this point.

What we do need is for someone with the expertise to educate us all with guidelines as to what to do and not do in future cases like this one. In other words, talk about the principles and not personalities. And of course I can't think of anyone who could really lay the principles out clearly for us as well as Rocky.

As far as whether any situation in Barney's home was part of the root cause of this, I thought it was decided months ago not to air such issues? Wasn't that why a certain poster was intially banned from this board? Anyway, Sam has a point, either the bell should ring for a big wrestling match or else a moritorium is declared on this matter. If a lid is put on this, then I'd suggest that any future posts naming Sam or Joseph by name, and blaming them, be deleted, and only the helpful principles be discussed.

Coordinator, what do you think?