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Hope for a good thing..

Posted by goth88 on February 05, 2003 at 12:22:17

It seems to me that we all learned to mistrust each other and the world around us (due to Family exposure). Therefore, it can be extra hard for some >i.e. ME! :)< to understand where someone is coming from when they post, or to imagine the worst (which is possible, but often not to the extent that I can see it.) Whereas the "Family" is "praying" for us to be against each other, I feel like we are having greater opportunities to come together, in the exer arena. Sometimes the process of doing this involve a lot of "hashing out" of whatever issue is discussed, but we can all think about it and come back to get closure and more understanding for each other. The great thing, is that we are free now to agree, disagree and there are NO LEADERS. NONE. If so they would be self-appointed. The family certainly has no authority to appoint anybody! what a joke! So with that in mind, I hope people (me incl.) can get disagreements out and come to a better more trusting stance with each other. I know we all want to be understood and the forum of just the written word leaves so much to wonder about. My hope is that I can work out where I feel misunderstood and get support, feedback, with disagreement or agreement, but primary purpose (in my opinion): Getting the Family crap out of me and assisting anyone wanting help to get out of the family. I am sick of "enemies" in the family, seems like 99% of the world was "enemies" when I was in that f**d up group. So I want to feel a part of recovery, not apart from those who are also seeking recovery. These are the posts most important to me right now. I also understand that we are all on a journey and not all in the same places. Hope I can be forgiven for where I have said anything interpreted as hurtful to others. It was not the intention of my heart. (except where family members are posting pro-family, or cult leaders come on seeking recruits. I am still very reactive to that.) But in some cases I realize some come on because they maybe are really having doubts about the family. in this case "Come out, wherever you are..." There is a whole world out there waiting to be experienced: bad, ugly at times, but also lots of good. And you don't have to sell or prostitute your body or give your kids up to perverts or have babies until your uterus drops out, and have numbers of unknown dads because that is not GOD that is not LOVE, it is pain and hurt that will last, is lasting thru generations.....