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Re: Am I one of the few lost my way

Posted by tigress on February 06, 2003 at 01:30:58

In Reply to: Am I one of the few lost my way posted by Matt on February 05, 2003 at 19:50:30:

I also lost my way when I was 17 and joined the F. in Asia. But how off I got before I finally left (as a mom with 7 kids and with my second hubby)- starting all over again at 40 plus--it's been hard to face. But what really helped me are these websites. I got to take a long hard look at what nonsense I had followed for 23 years and what I had tolerated when I should have done something about it sooner- that was real depressing at times.But I am so thankful that we exers have a meeting place and can talk about stuff no one else can really relate to. But now- after five years in my home country- I am okay and am making the best of life. And what Josh said is right, we do have marketable skills and can get up and run! I do find sometimes ex-members who fall into the 50 plus age bracket who think "the F. wasn't so bad"...and "I would have done it all over again"...etc..I guess I was very keen to make a break in the Spirit and I think it helped me to be open to new stuff and what life has for me now . It does take time though to let go of a that stuff and "word" which I read and memorized for so long. And I get hopping mad when I remember that quote about "as long as you are poor and struggling you are doing fine in the Spirit" what a lie! - just look at the poor in Asia or any other country or at how we used to live...was I fine? I struggled from mourning to night to either support our own home or a huge blob. I better stop ranting and raving- I wish you all the best, good health and send you a big hug.I once memorized some "positve thoughts" and one of my favourite is- when I am really tempted to worry and stress out " everything is going to work out just great for me and my family." love, tigress