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Let's not trash ea other, but can some questions be answered?

Posted by MG on February 06, 2003 at 02:08:08

In Reply to: Re: let's trash each other posted by Joseph on February 05, 2003 at 09:13:26:

(Wow! The more I read the many posts and reactions there must be more to this than meets the eye? I guess. Maybe? Yeah! But then again. Now I'm truly confused ...or am I?)

I had been observing the posts going back and forth and to me I thought it was just a simple question of someone being over zealous and too quick to post something that they'd gotten from another souce, so I thought I'll throw in the simplistic "Lesson for all".

Donny has said there's great stuff being presented in light of issues and principles, and Rocky once again did a masterful job explaining the facts.

Someone else talks about negative things going on in a certain place. (A place that is in part representative of part of the ex member community.) If there really are or aren't actions and events taking place there that are causing hurt and harm to some individuals, shouldn't that should be explained or exposed? Bad things happen and they are a part of life and living. It does no one any good to accuse. But if bad things are happening because of any prominent public individual's excessive or controling actions. I think that needs examination to say the least. People would need to be warned. Am I out of line here?

These questions have been raised. I'm bringing it up without mentioning any names. But I do wonder, and I am concerned. I come here because it's part of my recovery from having spent so much of my life in and part of the abusive cult we were each a part of. And things that are going on in the ex member community has an influence on my present reinsersation into the society of humankind. It has an effect on me, even if it's in another place that where I live.(The term "community" is a valid one for what we are, it's world English, internet language register.)

Maybe I'm over reacting, but then again what we suffered because of Bergism I'm extra sensitive.