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Re: "credible people"

Posted by Joseph on February 06, 2003 at 12:16:47

In Reply to: Re: "credible people" posted by Hmmm... on February 06, 2003 at 09:33:31:

> Who are those credible people?

Myself, my wife, MH, Sam Ajemain, most of the Boston crowd have visited.

They might not have come out of there saying it was the greatest thing on earth, but I don't remember them saying that anyone was doing anything terribly evil. I am aware of people being asked to leave from time to time when they have been found to be doing things that were antisocial or dangerous to others.

The thing is, when you concentrate a lot of ex-cult victims and abused people in one place, I think there is bound to be certain problems. I'm sure that there have been a lot of bad things that happened at this place. But, I am not sure if it is fair to say that these things were encouraged and promoted.

The thing is, if someone has a specific incident that happened to them, then they should put it out there. The last time we had this discussion (which should be in the archives someplace), the most people would show up with is a "feeling" that things were rotten.

>Are you aware many credible people have also come away saying the opposite?

I showed you mine, show me yours now. Who were they, and what did they say?

>I don't like the subtle way you sweep away anyone who disagrees with your assessment as not credible.

I don't think I did that. However, I do discount a person who defends the place when he's living there, says bad things when he's thrown out, then said good things again when he's back again. I don't think that is credible, and if that's what you object to, then I guess we disagree on that point.

>Are you aware there are many who doubt your own credibility and suspect bias, weakness and loyalty clouding your judgement? I'm not one of them, but I will say this: I haven't made up my mind about what to think from the confusing way you publicly denounce a person and then work with and endorse him at the same time.

Shouldn't I gain credibility when I am willing to call a spade a spade? I'm willing to work with the guy, and at the same time tell the truth when I think something is wrong. When I've thought something was seriously broken, I quit, until I was convinced it was fixed.

I'm not fanatically devoted to this guy. I'm doing a job, and I'm not doing it for him. I've made that crystal clear to him and the other folks over there. If you use the resources of that site, then I'm doing it for you.