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Re: Can you clarify?

Posted by Joseph on February 06, 2003 at 14:33:39

In Reply to: Re: Can you clarify? posted by Sam Ajemian on February 06, 2003 at 13:34:36:

I'm sorry Sam. I am aware that you spent time there, and some people here feel that you are a credible person. Also, that following that visit you did not come out saying that evil things were going on there.

Did I get any of that wrong?

I also recall that you attended a fellowship at Griffith Park near Los Angeles that was also attended by a few people who read this board. At that time, you interviewed Barney as the rest of us sat and listened. I don't recall at that time that you expressed any concern about matters regarding how his home was operated.

As far as what I have to say and where I post it, I'll decide where and when I do it. I didn't post that comment to you, it was about you.

As far as going another round, I wasn't aware that the last one ended. Who won?