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Re: Such great advice

Posted by MG on February 15, 2003 at 02:05:58

In Reply to: Such great advice posted by Miguel on February 14, 2003 at 16:13:47:

Remember "The Handicap of Natural Ablility"? That blindness was conerstone Family doctrine. To negate your own worth, your own value. This was Berg's personal guilt driven mania. Over and over he said: the only good thing about any of us is Jesus, there's nothing good about you or me, throw in some boo hoo hoo tongues, weeping, tears--all the humble prophet emotions, not to mention another shot of sherry; and then you've got the formula that destroyed any self esteem we might have still had when we joined the cult. My self esteem level was very low when I joined, I was a psychedelic drug freaked out college drop out and very vulnerable. So joining was an escape because suddenly it didn't matter how little confidence I had in myself, now it was God's will to only have confidence in Him, and any thoughts about self improvement or self worth was a trick and device of the devil to keep me from the straight and narrow.

MV, what you say is so true: "When we decided to move away from their bad influence we had the chance to explore ourselves and realize much of what they told us about ourselves was not true. So, go for it and explore what you can do and amaze yourself at the wonders of the possibilities and realities you will discover. "