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Re: welcome to the mid-life crisis years

Posted by jo on February 15, 2003 at 10:30:09

In Reply to: welcome to the mid-life crisis years posted by MV on February 14, 2003 at 06:19:35:

You bring up such good topics :)
It is hard searching out resources and getting it all together after the fam. especially as a single parent with kids. I had virtually no support or resources after leaving, but then again, all my kids had for relatives was me. So that helped me to forge ahead and find many resources and ways to get what we needed to survive. i did not have as many kids as others here. This certainly effects the outcome. I don't see myself getting rich anytime soon short of winning a good lottery, but I discovered modes of assistance that are not advertised to help me along the way. I guess this is why I am so interested in resources for people wanting to get on their feet, wholistically, treating job, finance needs and mental health/spiritual needs. You are right about prioritizing. It can be so overwhelming to see life as a rucksack full of rocks..a big burden to carry. All these rocks are problems that need to be solved. I will die under their weight or get discouraged trying to solve them all at once. But if I take one, or maybe two out at a time, solve them (discard them) then gradually it gets lighter. Wishing all here the best on their continuing journey to wellness, incl. me!