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You guys should have stayed in the Family

Posted by Faithful Sheep on February 15, 2003 at 21:15:25

I was reading your posts below and I had to laugh a great big old belly laugh. You poor backsliders are struggling to earn a living and wondering if you will ever become rich. "The way of the transgressor is hard." If you'd stayed in the Family you would now be rich.

Remember a few years ago when dear Mama and her circle of prophets prophesied that the Family was going to become super rich? A huge financial power in the world? Well it's happened. MAMA'S PROPHECY CAME TRUE! Of course! What did you expect????Every single Family member now personally has $100,000 tucked away in savings for education for their children. Our dental and medical needs are all met. We pay cash. We drive porsches and never have to worry about where our rent is going to come from. Why? Because every Family member owns a huge house.

If only .... if only you'd stayed faithful you too would now be rolling in the dough. But you didn't believe Mama's prophecies and now you don't have the cash. What can I say? Oh prodigal backsliders, come back to the Family today. Each person who returns to the Family during the next 30 day period will be automatically given $40,000 dollars as a starter 'reward' for re-joining. But hurry, hurry, hurry! This is a limited time offer good for only forty days!

Like.... I WISH.

Faithful fleeced Sheep