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Take care too

Posted by on February 17, 2003 at 10:28:07

And take care too that, as in the past with Berg, if you join the godly pyramid under some new two rascals, joining with your wife, the top pyramid president(s), female or male or both of them, or new god-prophet or prophetess, those not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, don't say he(she-they) would like your wife to become his (hers-theirs) god-queen of the endtime as she looks nice, nicer than the other peons that is...

Besides that evidently living on the peons' or low-brain slower disciples' money, not doing much besides copying with no copyright other people's stuff saying they are prophecies from a certain unknown fake strange god they created, typing them down on their brand-new Pentium 4 PCs and fucking all day hidden worlwide not to get sued travelling also on the same money to say stupidities their own flesh family finds horrible...