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The second generation... I don't know

Posted by Lyle on February 17, 2003 at 20:48:15

In Reply to: Hammering On posted by Bobby on February 16, 2003 at 21:03:01:

There are two types of "second generation" those in and those out. There are many who want out but are still in because they can't make their move yet but it is just a matter of time.

There are those who live in a cloud where truth is to be avoided at all costs and believe only what some "superior" person tells them are not really strong but weak, the children of Thesalonica, who do not search the scriptures. They are just fooling themselves. Such are those who are growing in the Family being poisoned by the perpetuating lies of one pedophile. They only have one side of the story denying the true history, what many of us experienced but was hid from a good number of people for a good number of years.

The others, who are more noble than those in Thessalonica, knew what to do and came out of the whore.