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Looking for a friend.

Posted by on February 20, 2003 at 20:03:02

Hi everyone. I am looking for a good friend that joined in march 95 in the San Diego area. His real name is Troy La Blanc. I don't know if he ever took a new name or not but I will assume he did. All I know is that he left sortly after joining for Russia. (or to raise the money for him and a few others to go there.) Don't know if he actually made it to Russia though. He was very talented music wise. He could learn any instrument in a matter of weeks. If anyone has heard of him or even maybe been in the same house in San Diego that he joined through.

I am even hoping he may be on the board. Hey it could happen right?

Now that I have asked you this I will share my short story on how I came to know the family. I was a new Christian and had just joined the navy. I met a troy and he came to Christ a few months after we met we became very close friends. About a year before we wer to get out of the Navy we met some people out witnessing. (we were doing the same thing on our own, not connected with any group) We couldn't believe that there was a group doing this all the time. Every church we had encountered had no witnessing going on.

We then started visiting the home and going out with them almost every night and a lot of time staying there over night. I was impressed by the way they lived and worked to gether. I spent whole week end there and even took my leave to stay there for a couple of weeks. It all seemed like the perfect set up of what God had intended for his people. Both Troy and I Planned on joining after our discharge form the Navy. We had about 5 months left till we got out (He got out two months before me.) and we went on a tour for 4 months out at sea. Troy stole a MO' letters book to read on the trip. Up to this point we had not been aloud to read it alone. I read the thing from cover to cover and went into shock. This stuff was not bibical at all. I made my dicission to not join after reading it. Troy on the other had thought I was making to big of deal out of some of the stuff like the part that talks about Moses dying in '93 and jesus returning in '94 (I think that is right it has been a while). FFing through me for a loop too. If it hadn't of been for this book I would have forsaken all and joined a couple of months later. I even became debt free and saved 10,000 dollars to give them when I joined. I am now glad that I saw that book before I joined and gave up everything I had.

Troy said he felt God was leading him her and he would just put the stuff he didn't understand on his "shelf of faith". I don't know if he just made that up of some at the home told him that line.

We promised to keep in touch though, but the last time I heard from him he was going to russia and never heard from him again.

Thank you all for listening to be go on about this.