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Maria's video a synopsis.

Posted by Mark on February 22, 2003 at 06:06:20

The following is a synopsis of Maria's video to the F regarding Ricky (Davidito) and the coming persecution. The comments in brackets are mine.

The video was shown at regional meetings last autumn with strict instructions that it was not to be discussed with anyone after it was shown, not even other F members. It begins with an introduction by Peter, a kind of GBY we love you type thing and then Peter announces that he has someone special who wants to talk to them, enter Maria really heavily made up, wearing a low cut top and looking quite frail. Maria speaks in squeaky voice and, according to my source, looks kind of spacey she also moved in a continual rocking motion as she spoke, she didn't look too good. (Symptoms of her neurological problems?)

Maria then starts talking about Ricky. She confirms that Ricky has left the F and has actually been out for a couple of years. The reason why they delayed making this public was because they didn't wish to make their loss public and give an advantage to the enemy. (No mention of Berg's two end time witnesses prophecy) They were also praying that Ricky would come back to the fold, however, he is now a lost cause and has gone completely gone over to the forces of evil and is openly attacking the F. The account is really lurid. There then follows a rather tedious record of Ricky's last couple of years in the F.

The topic then switches a little from Ricky to the evils of the anti F websites and Ricky's posts on them and the coming persecution. According to Maria there are hundreds of these sites and F members are forbidden to access them, anyone who does should confess it to their shepherd and seek immediate prayer and deliverance and go through this huge reading list. (Boy are they scared) She also reveals that the sites are monitored by a special media team. (If you're reading this boys perhaps you might like to confirm its authenticity).

The video also covers topics such as abuse and education. According to Maria some abuse did take place (It would be impossible for her to deny it)but it was such a long time ago and those affected by it should just forget it and get on with their lives. (Easier said than done) As for education Maria is adamant that if anyone didn't get a proper education it wasn't the F fault it was either theirs or their parents. (Complete bullshit. The F only educate the kids up to junior high school standard, any kid who wants to further their education has to leave the F. what kind of a choice is that for a 14yr old?)She then goes on to praise the F administered diploma that the kids are given. It comes from the Christian Vocational College, a F run institution. The thing runs like this, let's say that you want to get some kind of qualification as a chef the F send you a reading list all F material something with Dad's favourite recipes in it. You read the lit, cook the dishes, get someone in your home to verify it send the verification of to the CVC and, voila, you get a diploma. (Useful if you have problems with the three sheets rule)

The video ends with Maria and Peter taking you on a tour of their luxurious trailer, real Hollywood star quality. The final scene is of the two of them on the bed together saying how they wished F members could be with them to share some love time together. (puke vomit choke)

That is pretty much it, the chronolgy might be a little jumbled but the content is accurate.