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Open letter to sickos in Maria's Media review team

Posted by Open mind on February 22, 2003 at 14:37:07

Hey sick little boys & girls. so you spend your time reading this & other boards & then crap your pants when you read something bad? You print it out & run to Maria & show it to her while she lays rocking on her bed looking sick? Does she invite you in to have sex with her & Peter before you leave?

You probably joined the Family to serve God, right? Do you think you're doing that now? Look at yourself n the mirror. You've become a gestapo Thought Police telling poor little Family members what to read, what not to read, what to look at what not to look at. You would pile sick reading lists on them to control them right?

WHAT IN FUCK GIVES YOU THIS RIGHT TO CONTROL EVEN THE THOUGHTS OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS? You sick little Gestapo! Get a life! You are not serving God. Youre sucking up to a sick woman named Maria & trying to hold a dying organization together by controling the thoughts of other Family members. Do you have any idea how sick you are? do you think you will be rewarded in heaven for such sick actions? Shame on you!

Are you the same jerks that get visions of demons eating Family members up from the insides if they look for the truth on the Bulletin boards? Sick sick sick. It's all about controlling people isn't it? GET A LIFE!! And let other people free to find a life too.