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What about the good times?

Posted by Acheick on February 23, 2003 at 13:40:00

Lately I've been working on copying some old pictures and there are a few that are my favorites. Mostly they are places I went to and experiences I had that are hard to come by. My son reminded me how we used to cross the border of Thailand on motorcyles and how terrified I was - but he thought it rocked. So, I was thinking, there were actually some good things I can reflect on during my years of internment (or whatever you want to call it). It's so easy to run down the things that were yucky and stupid in the F., which makes it harder to think about any good things that happened. I decided to start a list about what I actually enjoyed and have fond memories of. Anyone can do their own and post it here. I think it would be highly interesting:

1 - I had 9 absolutely beautiful children;
2 - I went to places that people took me where most people would never go to in their lifetime, i.e.,:

To a hill tribe in Northern Thailand rarely visited by Western man; to a nearly lost primitive tribe on the east coast of Malaysia; Rio de Janeiro and the exotic beaches; Koi Samui in Thailand by speed boat before it became commercialized by tourists; Absolutely beautiful and exotic Phuket - near where the James Bond movie was filmed; Singapore before it became the commerical center of S.E. Asia, and I could go on.

3 - I made some wonderful friends I managed to get to know in spite of TF trying to put a roadblock up on friendships.

4 - I learned to live on a shoestring and accept changes when I didn't want to which has helped me to this day.

5 - I learned to understand other cultures other than my own and the experience was extremely gratifying.

Hmm...I know there must be more - anybody else?