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Re: heed the call to yet again forsake all

Posted by Donny on February 24, 2003 at 09:19:17

In Reply to: heed the call to yet again forsake all posted by Miguel on February 24, 2003 at 06:40:18:

So true! Many people simply remain in the Family because of their unwilingness to forsake all. They feel they've "done it once" and it's a done deal. They don't realize it's an ongoing process. Don't keep getting rid of the false in your life and you'll end up buried in clutter and other people's attempts to control your life.

And they're taught to think that we've "backslidden" whereas by their standing still and spiritual lethargy, their unwillingness to leave the warm, comfortable known behind and step out on nothing but naked conviction, they're the ones who are backsliding. They've lost their forward motion and are trapped in the warm, crowded little womb-world of the Family.

I was going to say, "trapped n the little world of their own choosing," but it's NOT of their own choosing. It comes from a LACK of making choices. They stop thinking constructively, stop wanting to reach out for the truth, so let their mind simply go on default. By not choosing to think for themselves and step out of the confining womb, they are choosing a default life.

It's always hard to step away from the warm known confines, but that's how life happens.