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Double standards

Posted by Thinker on February 24, 2003 at 11:03:24

In Reply to: the chameleon cult posted by jo on February 23, 2003 at 21:35:01:

The F. to me is a manual on how to live a lie, the perfect double-standard way of life.

Berg asked us not to drink excessively, while he drank himself to near death on more than one occasion and finally to death from what I hear.

Berg kept his followers poor and spoke against reed, but had wads of bank notes in a suitase ready and waiting under his bed.

Getting medical attention meant you don't have enough faith, however Maria gets medical treatment for her medical conditions.

Even as an average rank and file member , we get to believe anyone not serving God full time is a servant of the Devil's system. However their hard-earned filthy lucre is good enough for us. We get to despise their way of life, feel superior, and act like we are doing them a favor and giving them a chance to redeem themselves if they at least give to us. And what do we actually do? Not much, nothing genuinely productive, just return a glassy-eyed lovelight look and smile, consider it a fair exchange, and get to feel all important and put it in our stats that we witnessed to this person.

As a member of the F. you get to believe in things like extra-marital sex and fornication. But you don't owe that truthful information to anyone.

As amember of the F you get to brainwash people slowly by giving them milky lit, and moving them up to DO, but we don't call it lying or not being up front or dishonest.

The list goes on and on.