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You talk alot about that movie "The Beach"

Posted by jo on February 24, 2003 at 11:51:22

In Reply to: Re: that's a tough call A. posted by Acheick on February 23, 2003 at 23:15:29:

And in that film of course, there was the excitement, danger, adrenalin pumping experiences of living on the edge and experiencing things uncommon to the average person. Beyond that, lots of horror! Hey I relate.
When I was an alcoholic within the fam., Alcohol was not all bad. It was my self esteem in a bottle. It helped me to overcome my fear of people and to do things I never dreamed I would do. It was my best friend. I didn't realize until later what an enemy and "rapacious creditor" that it would actually turn out to be. That is how i see the fam. experience. Nothing would have consumed so much of my life had there not been some SEEMINGLY good things.
I relate about going to exotic places, and have fond memories of them, and also horrific ones, emphasis on horrific. I would truthfully like to have visited those countries and done those things without the family persona in charge. But in all likelihood, I never would have.
I didn't read your post as being what is good about the family, but rather, what did i get out of a large portion of my life that was greatly harmed but I survived it.
Hey, I say, KUDOS to all survivors :) We are a STRONG lot of people.