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But does that make you very employable?

Posted by Thinker on February 24, 2003 at 19:40:37

In Reply to: Re: FG or SG, the Familt robbed us all! posted by visitor on February 24, 2003 at 13:02:12:

Probably not a whole lot. It might be a start, but might not take you far at all. Not unless you plan to continue a preacher's life style.

I know for a fact that human resource dept personnel in serious firms don't even bother with legitimate certs they call "surfer degrees" (if you were (un)fortunate enough to have gone to the University of Hawaii of course it means you smoke weed), much less mail-order certs. They put a lot into authenticating your papers, and fine-combing through details in your resume, and calling up your references to check. The serious firms do. We're talking career. Not frying hamburgers. (But what's wrong with frying hamburgers for a while until you get going? I was a dish-washer when I got out).

The F. has it's version of mail-order certs too.

"The thing runs like this, let's say that you want to get some kind of qualification as a chef the F send you a reading list all F material something with Dad's favourite recipes in it. You read the lit, cook the dishes, get someone in your home to verify it send the verification of to the CVC and, voila, you get a diploma. (Useful if you have problems with the three sheets rule)"

I say all this, not to intimidate anyone from leaving, but to say as intimidating as it is, lots of us FG or SG alike, have done it, and managed to make something out of ourselves. The fact is the F. deprived us all of a proper education, and did its best to un-educate us and dumb us down. Despite the nice PR words the F. throws out, they do not stand for proper and full education whatsoever. This is serious. The damge they do is serious and not to be taken lightly. And if it creates a serious problem for people trying to leave, it is still serious. A quick fix cert won't fix it. Yet, scary "insurmountable" real obstacles like a lack of education and employment history can still be overcome, with determination and focus. And man, do you get to feel proud of yourself and sleep good at night!