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Re: The elderly

Posted by posted by Michael W on February 25, 2003 at 09:24:43:

I believe they'll just dump them on whatever relatives that they can talk into taking them, or rather they will have the person in question do their own legwork. The family has no tolerance for sickness, no matter how serious, or God forbid the elderly. Whenever something gets to be too big of a problem, such as in the case of Zeb Gepetto's wife, Robyn, they just send 'em to relatives so they won't have to care for them. They have no infrastructure for compensation of any sort, and the little thousand dollar "HER" fund or whatever they call it now that they dole out every once in a while is a mere pittance to what they are bringing in, and blowing on fake passports, expensive security moves, and the like. All for Jesus, of course.