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Remember this yucko crap?

Posted by Donny on February 27, 2003 at 09:22:10

Women especially may cringe over this one, but a friend told me something recently that triggered an old memory. Remember when you had your birthday and the Shepherd would give you a "birthday present" by sharing with you? I've heard of perfectly happy days being wrecked by just such "presents". That's another beauty of being out of the Family, you don't need to accept those kind of presents anymore.

And while I'm grossing you out, how about this one? For those of you who lived in Latin America and other warm places and the Far East, remember when all the couples would have sex in the Family swimming pool and then everyone else would come in after them and swim, little kids and all? I was coming in to a pool with some little kids and a couple was just finishing up and I stood there with the children and asked a bit disgusted, "Did you just have sex?" and the guy said, "Hey! It's only protein!"

Funny how that protein had a habit of causing serious infections in little children's eyes. I've heard stories of places where the pool maintenance people would go out in the morning to skim leaves off the pool and find that the pool was covered with a whitish film of "something" and no one could figure out what it was. Duh! Except that all the little kids were getting infections, sore eyes, etc.

Especially if a couple with herpes was having sex. That was real fun. Then all the little kids began getting herpes sores in their eyes, armpits, etc. If that doesn't disgust you and make you upset, I don't know what will.

Well, if you've been hanging onto the dream of the "good ol' days" you can let go now.