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Re: can we spin this off??

Posted by romantic reflections on March 01, 2003 at 20:55:04

In Reply to: can we spin this off?? posted by Singles Anonymous on March 01, 2003 at 16:55:20:

yes and no. You are right we were ALL into that animal farm and to a certain extent immersed into that reality. BUT, for example not every single woman faked orgasms (yeah many times it is the easiest way to end it, you know, but how demeaning to play that) and not every guy tried to take advantage of every situation.
I remember distinctly the situations where some people made the difference. It is not what is done, but HOW it is done, and to be honest with you even in that setting where very little choice was present, some people made choices that were unpopular because they could not deny their own selves completely.
So you see it depends. Yes, pussy was available, but not always with everyone. Mine was not very available but i got in trouble for that. You want to tell me that men with dicks do not know or FEEL when a woman really is not into it and is there because she 'has to?'
What kind of man cannot even FEEL that? what kind of man cannot even tell a fake climax? perhaps if they had been really instructed in female physiology instead of cursory anatomical graphs in the LEtters they would have been able to tell...
The thing is that to many it did not matter, who fucked who, who got pregnant etc...they are all everybody's children, right? and how come that seemed to me always a bunch of bullshit because as Rocky says nobody carries double and in the end the kids were only of the mothers who had them...the ones who did not send them off to combos and jumbos.

You wanna get me started on a real graphic thread on human sexuality? I mean HUMAN sexuality, you know...not I love you god loves you praise god sexuality. I would not even call THAT sexuality from where I am now. When you don't have real freedom and a full choice, you don't really have erotic and romantic connection.

Wanna spin more?