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Re: Go on please

Posted by romantic reflections on March 02, 2003 at 12:41:54

In Reply to: Go on please posted by WOW on March 01, 2003 at 22:28:44:

"some encounters were good and some were bad?" do you think we could leave it at THAT or we could attempt to find some indicators as to what would most commonly happen? Do you think your statement fairly represents that world? Do you want me to start a gender and power analysis of what was happening in our animal farm in most of the places I lived in? Should we talk about how the Letters constantly glorified cock and stressed how cunt was just the meat meant to be on the altar for cock? (god intended it to be so) hmmmm...did that have an effect on what was going on? Do you think just a few people took adavantage of shall I call it, conveniently set default? I do not doubt that there were women who were having a good time, (maybe the ones with childcare helpers and the ones who did not get pregnant, but even this would not be totally fair to say because I am sure there were women in these categories that may have resented the system they were living in anyway)
but when I look at numbers and what I have seen, lived, and heard from many 'sisters' I talked to the reality appears to be different than "some encounters were good some were bad." It was much worse than that. Have you ever seen a Letter called the Boy/Man who Wouldn't? No, we have seen Homos instead. What does that tell you? There were a FEW men who wouldn't...(god I feel admiration for them, especially the ones who felt the zombied sharing took away from their need for a specific romantic connection...not a programmed 'encounter with a sweet sister' to take care of their 'need' when jacking off in the bathroom could have done a cleaner job - gimme a break will you...that does not sound funny to you NOW?)
they were dealt with severely in a FEW places...but in general the sin of not spreading your legs on command was worse for women because of the default or home page that was set. Can you name me Letters against women who for one reason or other felt like "witholding?" I have quite a few in mind but maybe other people can prick their memory.

go on?
I dunno... as you can see on these boards there are hardly any takers when it comes to these issues...we were all good and radical reading how Berg could goose somebody for 'devotions'....but now it is very very hard to discuss sexuality issues...I suppose there is so much tied to it...I understand most people are in steady partnerships...and the singles are very few.

I have come to understand that some S & M settings can be much cleaner than a lot of the abusive crap going on in the Family. (Even golden showers sound to me better than some of what I have seen...better than eating and drinking Berg's piss and dung as according to thank you...I would rather have my own private golden shower :-) and leave god and prophecy out of this one) At least these 'ungodly' settings have a code or safe word they can use to STOP. Did we ever have something like that, like saying enough NOW? no more NOW? STOP it now...enough of this madness. oh but it was so 'sweet' and spiritual, right?

I spent half an hour in class with my students the other day eviscerating the power differential and the difference in the perceptions of words like 'cock' and 'cunt' -- power issues are embedded in language...I have a young married student who takes her husband to class because she says that this way she does not have to spend so much time telling him what was discussed, because it is so important to her. That was cute. You ought to love that one.

Can we have a 4-letter word page?