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How does the Family interpret Harry Potter?

Posted by Donny on March 03, 2003 at 20:07:09

In Reply to: probably posted by porceleindoll on March 03, 2003 at 16:50:41:

To sum it up, Mama letter slop-66 probably says,

(a) Harry is our own dear David, who is ever with us in spirit. Harry has great power "more power than Merlin the Magician." Like dear dad said in "My love is a legend," "The sweet old ladies think I'm just a little boy, but they don't know I'm someone GREAT."

(b) Hermonine is of course dear Mama. The resemblance is uncanny, even down to the buck teeth and the love of rule-keeping.

(c) Peter is Ron Weasely, the "poor boy" who became Harry (Dad's) closest friend. Boohoo.

(d) Lord Voldemort is Ted Patrick, the antichrist, evil, wicked, dark, insiuous, perverted, backslidden spirit of our antichrist evil enemies. Like lord Voldemort, Ted Patrick dies but keeps resurrecting and living on in our enemies, embodies, yea, in that one evil individual who leads them all. (Yeah, like give it a break.)

(e) The great magical powers that the witches have is only a mere fore-shadowing of the great powers the Family will have as they lead the world in the Millennium in their resurrection bodies.

(f) The fact that Harry and friends practice curses is such a wonderful confirmation of how the Family is to curse their enemies, make them suffer, etc. Just as the Lord showed dear Dad in "The Medusa touch." Everyone get out your wands (penises), wave them (masturbate) and start cursing the Family's enemies.

(g) the Whomping Willow are the obstacles God puts in our way to keep the Family out of Coosa's "Forbidden Forest". (tongues and sleeping)

(h) You add to the list.