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Re: The norm for men in the family, mated & single-to a husbandh

Posted by jo on March 05, 2003 at 10:45:01

In Reply to: Re: The norm for men in the family, mated & single-to a husbandh posted by romantic reflections on March 05, 2003 at 09:10:47:

Here is another factor to consider. Berg did NOT promote husband and wife relationships. When people fell in love they were often separated and BERG then took away relationships that were pretty close with the Nationalization revolution, with unannounced changes and moves via leadership. One Wife came before all this, and after the Nationalization Rev(or around the same time) came the letter which blessed the idea of no men having responsibility for offspring. We all know what Berg once said showed this was true, because what was all men's business often became no man's business. What was instilled then? Enforced loyalty to the top (Berg) and mass destruction to the followers; men, women and children in this case. With the default going more strongly on kids and then women.
The results? In the exer community, we become divided against each other when the real focus of anger should be directed at the head of the snake. This is just my opinion. But it is based on looking at the divisions between some youth at moving on, the divisions between many youth and their parents or adults who are exers, the divisions between men vs. women, and the overall trait of sarcastic blows at one another. Me having been a big addition to the sarcastic blows division for a long time.
I don't ever see us all getting together to unite against the head of the family. But there is no reason that people can't seek out support from their peers. I know that many men experienced things similar to "husband".
Maybe it would be good for chat groups to occur at different times in the week to use that chat board. There could be a women's group, a men's group and a mixed support group. All with support and recovery as a focus?
If a group got started and even at least two people were there for the group, and the group had a focus, it could be real helpful. And would possibly grow over time.
Then general chat anytime around those times. Is that a possibility? I am for a women's and a mixed support group for me....Anyone else interested?