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More on the he said, she said issue

Posted by Acheick on March 05, 2003 at 11:57:52

Reading the stories below from the husbands of the FFers is just heartbreaking. I asked my hubby about it, what he thought. He said that it was very hard for him because his wife in the F. was all gung-ho for sharing and FFing and he’d have to sit home and wait for her by himself and usually just drank himself to sleep, he was miserable. He said he thought it was very hard on the men too, but that women probably had it harder when they had to get pregnant and take care of little children.

I think there’s more hurt out there amongst the men then we realize simply because men don’t talk, usually. Women talk and get things out a lot easier then men do, they process things differently. I hope we hear from more men because I think there’s a lot of deep wounds that’s not being talked about.